Never forget 歌詞


作詞:Ayako Fuji

作曲:Hidekazu Uchiike

Sweet and simple dreams
All I wish to do
Held so deep in my heart

Every one hopefully
Will someday come true
As I wish upon a star

Sakura blossoms
Bloom and fade away
Time goes on,
Seasons change

Never forget
For a moment
The kindness showed to me
The smiling face, warm embrace
Shared so graciously

Though I depart
I am taking
The sound and smells of home
Future ahead, past behind me
I set off down the road alone

No one knows if you'll find
Answers that you seek
Though you may search your life long

No one grows who's heart or mind
Is fragile or weak
So be brave, believe be strong

Autumn colors so brilliant
Soon will fade away
Time goes on and people change

Never forget

The meaning of
Those words you used to say
Your insights, guiding lights
Illuminate my way

The night's frights
With the coming of the dawn
Forget my fears, dry my tears
The road will lead me on alone

Never forget
Every bird
That first takes to the sky
Leaves the nest, hopes for the best
Has to fall to learn to fly

It's time to soar
Through the clouds
To endless skies above
Trusted guide by my side
Riding on the winds of love

Not alone, not anymore
I guess I always knew
In the end I'd have a friend
One and one is more than two

Take my hand, conquer this land
Together we will climb
Each dream
A pinnacle
And I will share the view with you

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