Always in my heart 歌詞


作詞:Robert Scott


If I asked you to stay would you?
If you tried to leave could you?
If you walk out that door and never look back
I'd still think of you with every breath that I take

If I asked you to love me could you?
If tried to kiss you would you?
If you walk out of my life never to return
I'd still think of you with every step I take

※Cuz you're in my heart… Always in my heart
You're in my heart You're in my heart
Always in my heart You're in my heart
Always in my heart… Yeah Yeah※

All of our memories together
Will always be with me
Guess it's better than than nothing at all
Try to be strong when I say good bye
Try not to cry… Can time heal broken hearts?

Yes Baby! Take care and be safe
Sometimes life has to be left to fate
Dream your dreams and find the place
Become the one you chase
But most of all… Remember

Yeah oh Baby


1974年、伝説のスーパーバンド「上田正樹とサウストウサウス」を結成。熱狂的な人気を得る。1975年、有山淳司とのジョイントアルバム「ぼちぼちいこか」発表。(10年以上経った現在も売れ続け、超ロングセラーアルバムとなる。1976年、上田正樹とサウストウサウスを解散、ソロ活動を開始する。1982年「悲しい色やね」大ヒット。続いてシングル「TAKAKO」もヒット。現在も日本のJAZZ BLUES SOUL as a singerとして君臨する。

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