When the night falls 歌詞


作詞:Suzi Kim


I roam the desert and taste the driest dirt
Long for the rain to fall so I can bloom once and for all
Mirages come and go, my friend or foe
A cry, I think I heard...my heart is stirred

Right before my eyes
Your face takes me by surprise
As real as life can be
I'm no longer a refugee

When the night falls
My craving for you starts to crawl
A vessel of love you've awakened
Sprinkle my tired soul with your raindrops
You're my oasis

Walking hand in hand in our never-never land
A reflection so new and yet...a familiar silhouette
Have we been here before behind another door
Were we meant to be together eternally?

You dared to caress
Me in this barren wilderness
A reservoir to feed from
I now know where I belong

When the night falls
My craving for you takes control
Reason fades on your broad shoulders
I feel so alive like never before
Inside your arms

And in the darkness
A stream of light descends
In the realm of our senses
I've missed your embrace for the longest of time
Say you'll be mine...you're my oasis

恋におちて-Fall in Love-

もしも願いが叶うなら 吐息を白いバラに ...