Brownie(English ver.) 歌詞



作曲:鈴木 捺浩

Skipping along into the humming breezes
Step by step we sprinkle joy
Laughing so hard, fighting our aching tummies
And the stares of those around

Never ever make this happiness end
Selfish prayers, reach the skies
Do You hear us? Do You understand?
If You didn't catch that, we'll say it again

Hand in hand, carrying a basket full of smiles
On with our picnic, getting so close to wonderland
Think we're ready to settle down to start our feast
Just you and me

Under the tree right by a shallow stream
This is where we kissed that day
Starving like crazy, we cannot wait to lay out
All the goodies that we brought

Can't no longer behave civilized
Watching manners, we'll die
Lift the basket, flip it upside down
The treasures fall out onto our laps

Catch the sandwich, you mustn't drop that green apple
No matter what it takes, we've gotta save our holy meal
Grab that bag, it's filled with brownies that I baked
For you and me

Neither of our hands are quick enough
We both make screams we cannot decipher
Blaming what good old Newton discovered
Into the stream the bag makes the dive

Sighing speechless, watching the diver swim away
Nothing we can do, not everything is meant to last
Yet we know there are exceptions to all rules
Like you and me

Look at the bright side, what more is there I'd ask for
I do have you by my side
You're really so sweet, sweeter than what went drifting
You're the brownie that I love

独りじゃないよ 恐れるものなんてないか ...