How Could I Ask For More? 歌詞


作詞:John Bettis

作曲:Richard Carpenter

As a highway behind me
Runs away Runs away
So, the life that we're living
Runs by us ev'ry day
You and I have today no more
For the love that we're searching for
It could be just that one unopened door
When you found me I wondered
How you knew how to fill
All my unanswered hunger
I quess I always will
For once my heart was still
No need for the craziness anymore
I have you now
How could I ask for more?
Ev'rything you ever gave me
Ev'rytime you had to come and save me

※Ev'ry now and then I'm holding you
Knowing dreams come true
As tomorrow runs by us(Nothing stays)
As tomorrows will do(Quite the same)
All ask of the future
Is that it brings me you(Ev'ry day)
On any cloudy day
My summer will be in those eyes of yours
I have you now
How could I ask for more?※


How could I want more
恋におちて-Fall in Love-

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