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Celestial Delinquent 歌詞



作曲:OLIVIA/Jeffrey Lufkin

You live in a home
With running water
Air conditioner and T.V.
You have nothing to give
You have nothing to say
So you sing-a-ling-a-long
Everything is alright
How can one person change the world?
I have to pay my bills
I gotta go to work
The earth is dying
I am so ashamed
We are all to blame
We must raise human consciousness

I want to be up high up with the sun
Disappear completely into love
I want to be up high up where i can
See the secret roads

All you selfish people
Who think of nothing butmoney
Realize how angry and stressed
You are all the time
When you're angry you only see things
From a bad angle
That's way you are going crazy
That's way you feel like shit
You'll never find true happiness
In this state of mind
a little pain

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