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Ice Rain (English Version) 歌詞



作曲:都志見 隆

Should I cry till all the tears could fade?
Till my tears would never fall again
I just want to break myself apart
So that I could throw away the pain

Though our story went on happily
Turning each page of love as they went
From spring through summer and to fall
Would I ever see the happy end?

In this big world with the sun, the moon, and the stars
All lives were made so were you and me
But walking on instead of long and winding road
Why can't we live our lives more easily?

And I'd turn another page then I'll hear the steps of coming end
I hate to face the reality but of course I know
All the warmth of you I feel from your entwined arms around me
Will they turn into white cold winter snow?

You whisper in my ear and say
You don't want to hurt me, oh but why?
I would rather hear you say goodbye
So I just can leave and only cry

In this big world, with the sun, the moon, and the stars
We can live in oh so many ways
But why do we all loose the heart to go ahead
And make ourselves smaller every day?

Oh as long as we will live happiness is not that all we have
I know it although still I try hard not to see
Don't feel sorry for me now, I'm just crying for this poor girl
Who cannot fight away the misery

Thought if we keep walking on with hope
Even with the worries down the stream
One day there'll be the day of you and me together,
Holding hand in hand, but that was just a dream

If you'd let your arms go free that are around me holding me so tight
It will be all to end this dream, oh yes I know
But they're finally leaving me as I felt them turning so cold
Like this falling white pure winter snow

Think I'll cry 'till all the tears could fade
Till my tears would never fall again
Till the warmth of you would be gone
Till I won't remember you again


「おニャン子クラブ」のメンバーとして活躍。その後、生稲晃子・斉藤満喜子とユニット「うしろ髪ひかれ隊」を結成。 1987年8月31日、「禁断のテレパシー」でソロデビュー。「FU-JI-TU」「慟哭」などをヒットさせる。88年にNHK紅白歌合戦に初出場。 SMAPの木村拓哉と00年12月に結婚。女優、画家としても活動の場を広げている。

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